Fade To White

I really liked the look of a shot I took of some birch trees in a blowing snowstorm back at Christmas time. Enough so that I decided to go back for more shots and make a small series of it. The high-key treatment I used on these is quite a change of pace from my usual darker look, but I think it works well in the context of these shots. I have added these to my online Portfolio in an album titled Fade To White.

Standing Around

Fade To White

Huddled Together

Two Apart

B-B-Baby, it’s cold outside…

Well here it is, the new year already. I have been blogging for a year now… it has been an interesting experience for me – one that I plan to continue. I want to thank those of you that stop by regularly for a look (google tells me that more than half of my visits are “repeat” visitors), I hope I remain an interesting stop on the internet for you in 2010. I want to give a special thanks for those of you who took the time to leave a comment – you could have anonymously clicked on by, but instead you stopped and took a few moments to let me know what you liked and how my pictures make you feel – thank you so much!

Today’s weather is best described by the song of this post’s title: “The weather outside was frightful…” Howling winds, sideways snow, 15 below zero… yup, we’re in Canada. Perfect photography weather! I dressed in so many layers that I couldn’t get my arms down to my sides and then went out to see what I could find. Of all the shots I took today, the very first one was my favourite:

A Sun, so distant
Even the snow is trying to get out of the wind.
Windswept Foundation
A Corner Filled
Pine framed in stone.
Hop, Skip and a Jump
A Brace of Birch