Scenic Extremes

I sometimes forget just how amazing the countryside is around here. Then I go out and see it through my viewfinder and it’s like seeing it again for the first time. This happened to me again earlier this week. I started out in the lush greenery of the Silvercreek Valley, following the creek as it stepped down the escarpment.

Arched Portal

A thousand little steps to the bottom.
Gold in the riverbed.

Then I hopped in the truck and went ten minutes down the road… to a different world. Not lush. Not green. Not alive. Yet serene and attractive in it’s own way.

Folded Crust

Once there was life...
A secret revealed.

Cedars, Sunlight and White Water

The same day last week end that I had been shooting stone walls and industrial alleys (see prior post), I made a stop on the way home to feed my soul. It is a tight little gorge that cuts through a cedar forest beside an abandoned mill. The sun was low in the sky and aligned with the gorge… beautiful!

Puzzle Pieces
Into The Cauldron
Into The Cauldron
Light Flowing Upstream
Light Flowing Upstream
One foot on the ground
One foot on the ground

Don’t Shoot The Messenger!

I hate the fall… and I love it. It is the messenger saying “winter is coming!”… no more shorts, no more evenings on the porch, no more convertible drives, no more gentle rustling of the leaves on the trees in a breeze. It foretells the coming of frozen ground, frozen fingers and a bare, windswept landscape. But the messenger is dressed in a blaze of warm colours that is soooo hard to resist. I love the colours of the messenger. Just hate the message.
All this is by way of an intro to some photos I took this week in a visit to a local hidden gem of a waterfall. I went to get shots of a waterfall, but ended up being seduced by the colours I found.

Falling Reflection
Red Rainbow
Puddled Colours
Lower Falls From Beneath The Tree
An Unspoiled Place
Many Veils

My new 40 Megapixel camera

Well actually that’s not quite true. I used my trusty (if a little ancient) 8 Megapixel Canon 20D to shoot a series of five shots of a tall waterfall and then stitched them together in Photoshop. Voila, a 40 Mp photo! This was not just an exercise aimed at killing the free space on my hard drive… I wanted to print this photo large, so I needed all the detail I could get in the initial capture. I printed it today on canvas at 16 inches by 44 inches. I am pretty pleased with the result.

Falling Whispers