Defined Spaces

A few posts ago, I mentioned that I was working on some new ideas. A vine-covered wall in Fergus started me wondering about shape and space. If I removed the building behind the vine, would the vine alone be sufficient to define the space? Would it change how I perceived the space? I thought it might be best to start out with a fairly recognizable shape, so this first one uses a very traditional stone house.

I started with high-res composites of two sides of the house.
The Green House

Continuing my “Out Of Context” series

I have found my original concept for a series of photos featuring a subject floating on a black background, removed from context has mutated into several sub-series: one is of old vehicles, with a hint of their story reflected in their windshield (I see it in their eyes…); another is from mother nature where the organism takes on the shape of the object it grows on so much so that the object need not be there to be seen; yet another is a collection of cogs and sprockets, connected and working to some unknown purpose. I have added to all of these and will continue to do so for a while. For the moment they are all presented as a part of the “Out Of Context” album in my portfolio.

Nite Park