Selected by the jury to participate in Snap!2010

I am excited (and more than a little pleased) to have two of my photos selected by the jury to be in the Snap!2010 Show at the National Ballet School in Toronto on Sunday March 21. This is the third straight year that I had had the honour of being part of this fund-raising event. Those of you who regularly follow my posts here will recognize the two chosen works… in fact you watched them evolve from rough first pass to the final product. Here are the two that will be in the show:

Standing Around
The Weight Of Winter

Trees Alone On Stage

With the recent spate of foggy and snowy days, I find that I have many photos that feature trees seemingly standing alone. I always associate personalities with trees, much of this (I think) comes from their shape. These recent photos provide a wonderful study of their varied and wonderful shapes. The graceful lines of an Elm that somehow survived the Dutch Elm Disease epidemic of many years ago. The stalwart lines of a Maple, very Canadian, capable of being anyone’s best friend. And the rather rigid and aloof Spruce, beautiful of shape, but cool and difficult to cozy up to.

The Spruce Sisters
Spruce Sisters

Fade To White

I really liked the look of a shot I took of some birch trees in a blowing snowstorm back at Christmas time. Enough so that I decided to go back for more shots and make a small series of it. The high-key treatment I used on these is quite a change of pace from my usual darker look, but I think it works well in the context of these shots. I have added these to my online Portfolio in an album titled Fade To White.

Standing Around

Fade To White

Huddled Together

Two Apart

And then one foggy Christmas Eve, Santa came and said…

I thought for sure I would see Rudolph. Really. It was December 24 and it was very, very foggy. In some spots the fog was thick, in other spots the foggy curtain would draw back to reveal the icy lacework it had left behind. Enjoy. (Let me know if you see Rudolph lurking in these anywhere!)

The Rare Grace of an Elm
The Rare Grace of an Elm
Frosted Knot
Vine Cascade
A Line of Sugared Maples
Fading Into The Old World
White Hair Against A Dark Sky
Feather Dusters