Somewhere Near The Banks Of The River Styx

I don’t know about you, but for me a foggy day often gives a soft-focus, romantic sort of look to a scene. Perhaps because it hides some of the less photogenic details. This old farm is an example:

The Old McDonald Place?

But in other places, a foggy day can make a scene feel much more sinister. I see a jagged shape jutting from the mist and begin to wonder: “What worse things are hidden from view?”  The fog allows my imagination to conjure up something far more interesting than the mundane reality hidden by the fog. The next photo I at first found rather scenic – a stand of trees on an island in the marsh, grasses and rushes in the foreground, the far shore arcing into the mists. Then I started to look closer and noted that most of the trees on the island are dead, and lining the barely visible far shore are more dead trees. Hmmm.

Fool's Oasis

I am curious. I want to see more of the far side. I struggled over and was rewarded with this jarring, jagged, yet unsettlingly beautiful view:

By The Banks Of The River Styx