“What Makes A Good Photo?” by Huntington Witherill

John Paul Caponigro’s blog posted an interview with photographer Huntington Witherill. I thought his answers to questions about what he thought made a good image were some of the best I have seen. If you don’t want to follow the link to JPC’s blog, here are the three questions and their answers:


How do you know when an image doesn’t work?

It will fail to communicate anything beyond the fact that it is a photographic record.

How do you know when an image is good?
I know an image is good when it exhibits the following three (3) attributes:

#1- An interesting and effective use of light has been captured.

#2-  A visually stimulating and well-balanced composition has been employed.

#3- The technique and craftsmanship used to render the photograph itself demonstrates sufficient proficiency  so as not to disrupt or distract from either #1 or #2.

How do you know when an image is great?
I know an image is great if I am brought to tears.

The Snap! 2010 Gallery

(photo by Patrick Lightheart)

The full gallery of images selected for the live auction (donated by art galleries) and for the silent auction (selected by jury) are now posted on the Snap web site. Take a moment to check out some really interesting photography. My photos are Lots 28 and 29 in the Silent Auction. Enjoy!