Meeting Mr. Bell

Back in August, I was hunting for old farm machinery looking for more cogs, wheels and pulleys for my “Out of Context” series. This led me to drop in on a place I had spotted alongside the highway that had all kinds of used farm equipment parked in the field beside the house. I went to the door to introduce myself and ask if I could wander around and take some photos. Thus it was that I met Mr. Bell. And found out his son was Craig Bell and about my age. This coincidence was enough to get myself invited into the house to talk tractors and check out his tractor photos for a while. Once I got into the field I found that the equipment there was mainly tractors and not much that had the pulleys and wheels I wanted. But there was an oddly serene feel in the field. Usually these collections of old equipment seem a little melancholy to me, but this was more of a “pleasant retirement” kind of feel. I think it comes through in the photos I took that day.

Grazing herd
Watching The Grass Grow

A note for the photoshop geeks out there (Yes, I can say it out loud – I am a Photoshop geek!)… I used Kuler on the above two shots to re-tone the grass to a complementary tone of the red of the tractors. A very interesting tool that I will be continuing to experiment with…

The final photo is from an old military deuce-and-a-half I found in the grass

A veteran