The Bruce Trail By Moonlight

This too is a continuation of a series I started almost accidentally while experimenting with control of light in my photos. I now have six photos in this series, so I thought it was time to add an album of this title to my portfolio. For those of you that are not familiar with southern Ontario, the Bruce Trail runs for several hundred kilometers from Niagara Falls north to Tobermory, following the ridge of the Niagara Escarpment.  It features forests that range from Carolinian to coniferous to cedar, wonderfully eroded dolomite cap rock formations and literally hundreds of waterfalls. The scenes I show in my series are from Belfountain, Owen Sound and Eugenia Falls.

I followed pretty much the same process with all of these photos: Start with a properly exposed daytime photo, bump up the contrast and the saturation, add a layer that is darkened, blurred and desaturated a bit, then use a soft brush on the mask for this darker layer to “paint” back in some of the brighter under-layer.

In The Shadow Of The Wall
Walking With The Trees
Roots and Shadows