Bodie In The Snow, Part 2

Here is the final installment of my Bodie photos. I’ll start with another view of the Blue Kitchen that I call “Preserves”. I liked the way the light interacted with the mason jars on the table.


Venturing further up the hill, I found this bedroom that was filling with snow…

Cold Comfort

Could Green Street possibly look any more forlorn and desolate than this…

Green Street

While I’m on the theme of forlorn… here is a very sad child’s toy…

Lost Rider

I returned from Bodie to my hotel in Lee Vining in the late part of the afternoon, then went out to brave the cold again for a few sunset shots over Mono Lake.

Sunset Squall
To Touch The Moon
Beware The Moon

My day at Yosemite.

I started this day before dawn (my body was still on Eastern Time), with a clear sky, but a gale force wind. I thought I might just get blown off the mountain-top at Bodie, so I opted for a side-trip to Yosemite Park instead. It is about a two hour drive through the Sierras from where I was staying at Lee Vining. Besides, I had OD’d on old buildings and ghost towns over the past few days, perhaps channeling a little Ansel Adams would recharge my batteries. It was kind of hazy in the Yosemite valley, so I actually ended up spending more time feeding my soul with the incredible beauty of the area than I did taking photos. Towards the end of my day there, I took a walk along the Merced River and felt moved to take a couple of pictures.

Along the Merced

At this spot in the river, El Capitan is right in front of me. It was too much for my little APS-C sensor and 17-55 lens. So I took 16 shots in a 4×4 grid, and let photoshop try to put them together. I think the software did a pretty good job:

El Capitan, from the banks of the Merced River.

On the trip back to Lee Vining, I ran into a snowstorm. (I traveled to the Southwest for this?!) The results of the snow at Mono Lake were actually quite beautiful… and the clouds were amazing.

Cinder cone and sunbeam.
Sugar-dusted tufa.

I revisited the abandoned shack on the edge of town (a shot of the interior was in my last post)… a little snow and cloud made for a much better photo!

Any Refuge