Heritage Caledon Show

Heritage Caledon is sponsoring a show of heritage-themed art at the Alton Mill.

I will be showing three photos in this exhibit. I have recently been experimenting with printing on unorthodox materials. The “Stages Of Life” photo has been printed on a hand-coated sheet of hot-press watercolour paper. The warm colour of the paper and it’s texture changed the photo rather remarkably from what you see here. If you have a chance, drop by the mill to see this and my large-scale prints of “Winds of Change” and “Windows On The Water”.

Stages Of Life
Winds Of Change
Windows On The Water

Slow Walk Along the Speed River

I was in Guelph earlier today and as I drove by the downtown core, the remains of an old stone facade caught my eye. It was down an embankment, near the river. Parking nearby I stumbled upon (literally) a nice little walking trail that followed the river and a rail line. An unused rail bridge created some interesting shadows.

Made In The Shade - Art Deco

A little further along, the sun found a hole through the riverside tree cover to spotlight a small window into the river against a reflection of the old mill on the opposite bank.

Underwater Windows

PhotoShop Experiment: Using Masks With Blur Filters

It’s kind of a boring title, but the results really got me exited. I usually use blur to obscure inconvenient background detail in a photo. I’ll illustrate with some photos I took last week end.

In this photo I have used a blur (and darkening) to obscure the background visible around the sides of the column.

Guard Lions
Guard Lions

In the next photo, I used a mild blur and allowed it into more of the photo. I used it on the trees in the background and some of the stone pavers on the left side to force the viewer’s eye back to the wall that I want to be the key element in the photo.

Let In The Light
Stone Cold Light

Then I got wild. I combined a severe blur with a complex mask that allowed the blur to show over much of the photo. A bit of touch-up to mask to remove the blur from a couple of key details in the photo (the chair, the alley ruts and the clothesline) and I had a whole new feeling in the picture. The mill buildings in the background still loom menacingly over the scene, but now they don’t distract from it.

Mill Town
Mill Town