Beacon In The Night

(A milestone of sorts, my first blog post of 2011 is my 100th blog post since I started a short year-and-a-half ago.)

A couple of weeks back, I went down to Port Credit after dark to see if I could find any interesting photos. In this photo, the harbour lighthouse and the moon seem to be competing to be the brightest beacon.

Twin Beacons

Through the Lighthouse Window

I recently took a drive up the Bruce Peninsula. At the end of a very long one-lane gravel road is a beautiful old lighthouse. Decommissioned many years ago it is now preserved as a museum. It was built as a house for the light-keeper, with the light tower added to the top of the little white house. Not having a boat, I was having difficulty getting a good photo of the building. So I decided to present it a different way – as a series of photos of the windows, looking through from the inside.

Shadows in the Breeze
Framed Pine
Rope Rail
The Payoff