OMG! There’s people in this shot!

Over the past couple of months I have pulled together a small group interested in making some creative photos. With people in them. What’s the big deal with “people” you ask? Well, all my experience has been with rather inanimate scenery… waiting for the light to be right and choosing how to frame the subject is about the extent of the creative options available to me. Putting my emotion into a shot in a way that you, the viewer can see, can be a struggle sometimes. But when I add a person to the shot, all of a sudden I seem to have dozens of creative variables to work with… something as small as a raised eyebrow can change the whole tone of a shot. What a challenge! Two of the group members are acting as my models, the third is make-up artist/theatrics coach. Two of these three ladies are also accomplished photographers in their own right. We envision producing a series of shots exploring an ongoing battle between the two ladies, in the vein of Betty vs Veronica (or perhaps Spy vs Spy for you MAD magazine fans). The opening shot in the series introduces the two models and raises the question whether we might be just looking at two faces of the same woman.

Of Two Minds