Some updates to my exhibitions.

Those of you following my blog on RSS may have noticed how sporadic my entries have become over the past couple of months. < excuse alert> I am a director on the Headwaters Arts board and I am managing Marketing and Publicity for them. The run up to the Headwaters Arts Festival has been a very busy time for me, managing the production of brochures, flyers and posters as well as ensuring press releases get written and published in the press. < /excuse alert> One week to go `till the festival, and most of my job is now done. Now I have time to pay a bit more attention to my art, my life, and you, my readers. First order of the day was to update the recent exhibitions list. There have been many in the past couple of weeks:

Headwaters Art Gallery – SGI Preview Show

Headwaters Arts Festival – What I will be showing at the SGI Centre during the Festival

Uxbridge – A piece selected by jury for Uxhibition 2009

Theatre Orangeville – Some work I have hanging in the upstairs lobby for the run of Blue Suede Shoes

Stay tuned, I have been working on some new ideas and will be ready to start revealing more about them soon.