Elora in the rain.

Hmmm. Raining again… must be time to go out and do some shooting! I went to Elora and walked along the river bank. The view of the back of the main street buildings is interesting. Seemed very old and very European to my eye. I processed it in B&W adding heavy grain and a vignette to add to the sense of age.

Behind main street.

A bit further along the river comes a nice view of the Elora Mill. It was starting to rain harder, adding a bit of texture to the water and making the distant trees start to disappear in the mist.

Elora Mill in the rain.

Behind me on the river bank was a storm drain with an interesting formation of ice around it.

Embraced by icy hands.

There are the remains of an old industrial building on this side of the river. About all that is left of it are four walls (held up by braces) and a brick chimney.

Lonely in brick.

And one final shot… there was a puddle of water in a hole in the foundation that reflected the stack nicely.

Smoke on the water.