Children’s Nightmares are made of this.

Summer is here and every small town around here seems to get a week-end visit from a nomadic fair. A few rides, some games of chance, the haunted house, a beer tent and of course candy floss…  all flowing out of cleverly designed semi trailers arranged to form an oasis of bright lights and loud music in an otherwise empty field at the edge of town. In harsh daylight, the illusion doesn’t work, they are just garish facades, devoid of customers, the bored carnies the only inhabitants. But when the sun goes down the illusion begins to work and they fill with locals teens hoping for escape, excitement and love.  Cue the Twilight Zone music…

Have you gone to one of these recently? Have you looked really closely at the imagery presented? They make me think back to the stories I grew up with… of Pinocchio kidnapped and enslaved in a child’s circus… of Grimm’s fairy tales about witches, trolls, kidnapping, cannibalism and death (they were grim alright)… of clowns that were more creepy than funny… a far cry from today’s innocent childrens’ stories. These local fairs seem to me to harken back to that time of blacker tales. With this in mind, I set out to capture some of the sights of the local Caledon Fair with a noir-ish twist…

The Fair Waits
Bring me your children!
Forever Pursued (from the merry-go-round)
From the field
One Eye Watching
Crashing is fun.