Fall Fog

Yesterday was a really foggy day here in Caledon. We often get days like this in the fall, although they usually come in October. I like the way fog can simplify the background in a photo and add an air of mystery. I started out on a nearby country road…

Road to Nowhere

Just down the road is a golf course with dry-stacked stone walls meandering over the hills. I processed these to try to convey the almost deafening quiet of this place in the thick fog.

The Moors (part 1)
The Moors (part 2)

Next stop was a cornfield. It reminded me of a Steven King short story I read many years ago… I started to see this place in a darker, creepier context.


Just up the road from the cornfield, a U-pick orchard loomed up out of the fog. With their arthritic branches scratching at the fog above, the apple trees seemed even more ominous than the cornfield.

One Green Apple
Halloween's End