Bodie In The Snow, Part 2

Here is the final installment of my Bodie photos. I’ll start with another view of the Blue Kitchen that I call “Preserves”. I liked the way the light interacted with the mason jars on the table.


Venturing further up the hill, I found this bedroom that was filling with snow…

Cold Comfort

Could Green Street possibly look any more forlorn and desolate than this…

Green Street

While I’m on the theme of forlorn… here is a very sad child’s toy…

Lost Rider

I returned from Bodie to my hotel in Lee Vining in the late part of the afternoon, then went out to brave the cold again for a few sunset shots over Mono Lake.

Sunset Squall
To Touch The Moon
Beware The Moon

Bodie in the Snow, Part 1

Heavy snow squalls punctuated my second day at Bodie. Although the wind, the cold and the snow made for a very uncomfortable photographer, the quality of the light was amazing. I took more photos this day than I did any other day of this trip. I have worked through almost half of the day’s photos now, so I thought I would post a few of them. A couple of these seemed to work best when set up to look like old photos…

Sing with the Organ
Parched Planet Earth
Ebenezer's Room

Some worked well as straight-up Black & White conversions (notice the horizontal snow in most of the outdoor shots)…

An End To Gardening
Lean Into The Wind

An interesting door-latch that I want to add to my “Complications” portfolio…

Loop and Spike

I treated a number of photos with a combination of solarization, Black &White conversion, colour overlays and then painted some of the original colour back in.

Bodie Road
At The Top Of The World
Guest Room
Garden of Snow

This last photo from my Part 1 post is my favourite shot of the entire trip. It is an HDR composite taken through a window from outside the house. The sensual colours, the soft light… I love it!

Blue Kitchen

Bodie, CA

Bodie. I had no idea just how many buildings were here when I decided to swing by for a look-see. There is so much here, I just didn’t know where to start. I ended up spending the first afternoon here shooting the “big” shots… whole buildings, lots of horizon, some interiors. It wasn’t until the second day that I was able to get down to the detail shots that make up so much of my photography. This post shows some of my shots from day 1. This first one is actually taken just outside Lee Vining, the nearest town to Bodie. A wonderfully dilapidated old shack at the side of the highway, with the Sierras in the background.

Room with a view.

One of the many homes still standing in Bodie…

Whispering grass at the door.

A home across the street from the church is used by the Park Rangers…

In the shadow of the church.

In one of the homes was this green kitchen. I loved the soft pastels, the way the light came into the room and the thick layer of dust on everything.

Green Kitchen

As an experiment, I tried processing the Green Kitchen as a fairly severe B&W… I miss the pastels, but the lines are really nice! I am not sure which of these two I prefer.

And The Cupboard Was Bare

The last shot I`ll post from this day is a heavily-worked image of one of the old car bodies that lay about in Bodie. I solarized this one with a curve that looked like this:

Then I blended in some colour to the background and as a final step, painted in some of the original layer colour (using blend mode: color) on the car body.

Low Rider