Heritage Caledon Show

Heritage Caledon is sponsoring a show of heritage-themed art at the Alton Mill.

I will be showing three photos in this exhibit. I have recently been experimenting with printing on unorthodox materials. The “Stages Of Life” photo has been printed on a hand-coated sheet of hot-press watercolour paper. The warm colour of the paper and it’s texture changed the photo rather remarkably from what you see here. If you have a chance, drop by the mill to see this and my large-scale prints of “Winds of Change” and “Windows On The Water”.

Stages Of Life
Winds Of Change
Windows On The Water

In the Wind

On a drive through wind-farm country between Grand Valley and Shelburne, I spotted the remains of a barn that I thought would look good against the dramatic skies. I did some re-colouring of the sky and the foreground to add to the drama.

Wind Shaker

A bit further up the road was an interesting juxtaposition of old and new. I converted this scene to b&w then re-coloured some of the grasses to highlight the space between the old and new windmills.

Many seasons passed, but tomorrow nears.

Found at an abandoned farm.

I am attracted to places and things long ago abandoned. The more weathered the wood, more rusted the iron and more peeled the paint – the more attractive I find it. Earlier this fall I visited an abandoned farm that met all these requirements.
In a woodshed outside, I found what looks to be an old icebox. I liked the ornate scroll work and the way the blue hues in the weathered wood worked with the brighter greens of the encroaching moss. I did some dodging and burning to enhance the scroll work, blurred the background a bit more and increased the saturation slightly.

Blue Cool

On the other side of the house was a rather unique peaked-roof outhouse. It had a wonderful array of it’s past colours on display.

Lavender 'Loo

Behind the house was a collection of debris… poking through it turned up a few treasures like this jar…

Fused jar.

The barn on this property is mostly collapsed. A window in the barn basement framed a photogenic (but unappetizing) jug of brown goo. I combined two exposures of the same raw file to balance the outside light with the available light inside the barn basement.

Little brown jug.

Also in the basement was an old harrow leaning against the stone wall. Taken out of the context of the barn, it could look like some ancient device of torture. I use a cool blue tint to add to the ominous feel of this shot.