Scenic Extremes

I sometimes forget just how amazing the countryside is around here. Then I go out and see it through my viewfinder and it’s like seeing it again for the first time. This happened to me again earlier this week. I started out in the lush greenery of the Silvercreek Valley, following the creek as it stepped down the escarpment.

Arched Portal

A thousand little steps to the bottom.
Gold in the riverbed.

Then I hopped in the truck and went ten minutes down the road… to a different world. Not lush. Not green. Not alive. Yet serene and attractive in it’s own way.

Folded Crust

Once there was life...
A secret revealed.

A romp in the snow.

I was getting a litle crazy this week. Snow… then cold… then more snow… and back to cold. I decided to make the best of it by taking a hike in the local countryside to see what beauty I could find. On a hike to Cataract Falls (near the Forks of the Credit here in Ontario) I came across an old silo and barn foundation. Couldn’t see much of the foundation because of the deep snow, but the silo stood tall.

Three Windows

A couple of days later (on a recommendation from a friend) I visited the Badlands near Inglewood. I have photographed these many times in the spring, summer and fall… but it had never occurred to me to take a look at them in the winter. A heavy layer of snow transformed the rough and rugged Badlands into a sea of sinuous curves. It was early morning when I was there, so the low angle of the sun provided wonderful shadows to complement the snowy curves. A very quick hour later, I was 100 photographs richer. Here is a small sampling:

The tree above
River of Blue
Waterfall of Light