An Assortment of Abandonment

I have recently come across numerous abandoned houses.  Some I have sought out, some I have been shown and yet others I just stumble across.  They are all beautiful in their own ways. Here are some of my favourite photos of them.

Losing Face
Summer Kitchen In Red
Summer Kitchen In Red
Lost Roofing
Behind The Green Door
Ontario Bayou
On Onion Fields

A stranger in a strange land

Feeling a little house-bound last week end, I decided to grab my camera and go for a wander. I ended up in the little town of Grand Valley. My, but they grow large icicles there! Later I poked my head (and camera) into an abandoned house that was near the road. I thought the light coming in through the holes in the wall might make an interesting photo framed by the front door. After this I paid a visit to the Credit Valley Explorer trainyard. Gotta love those big toys!

Icy Tears
Urban Waterfall
Inner Warmth
Right Angles

That Rainy-Day Feeling

Those of you who have followed my blog for a while know how intimately my mood is connected to my photography. I don’t understand how it changes things. Do I compose differently? Do I use light differently? Do I choose different subjects? I really don’t know. It is not the result of any conscious decisions on my part to seek one “look” or another. It just happens. Looking at the photos I am posting today I noticed again how strong this correlation is.

This set of photos is from a house I visited this week.

"E"... E is for Elephant.
Waiting Room Window
Corner Stove
Fall View
Lean Into The Sun
Blind and Blades
Overhead Reflections