Along Highway 9

There was a bit of fog hanging in the valleys and some amazing cloud overhead. I went out with my camera to see what the combination would bring me. I ended up wandering eastwards from Orangeville along Highway 9 towards the Holland Marsh.

The view from Horseshoe Hill.
Sky blue, algae green.
Captive carrots.
Willows weep into the canal.

2010 Headwaters Arts Festival Show & Sale

Tomorrow night is the opening gala for the Headwaters Arts Festival, held at the SGI Centre. The Show runs for two weekends: Sept 25&26, and Oct 2&3. Admission is free, so come on out to check out some amazing art and meet the artists. I am a member of the board of Headwaters Arts, but I am also one of the artists featured at this show. If you feel like a party, it’s not too late to get a ticket to the opening gala… call Heidi at (519) 943-1149 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              (519) 943-1149      end_of_the_skype_highlighting tomorrow to have your ticket waiting at the door. Our sponsors have donated local beer, wine and gourmet treats to tickle your palate, there will be local musicians to tickle your ears, and of course there will be the art to tickle your fancy. I hope to see you drop by!
This year I will have five pieces on display. Four of my tree-themed pieces will be shown in the main floor hall, and my large canvas study of three garage doors will be on display in the “back room” display area. As an experiment this year, I have put scan-codes on my title tags that will link to short movies that tell the story behind each photo. I have included those links for you below each picture here.


Eugenia Movie

The Weight Of Winter
The Weight Of Winter

Clinging Shadows
Clinging Shadows

Maple Frosting

Maple Frosting

Hung Out To Dry

Hung Out To Dry

Slow Walk Along the Speed River

I was in Guelph earlier today and as I drove by the downtown core, the remains of an old stone facade caught my eye. It was down an embankment, near the river. Parking nearby I stumbled upon (literally) a nice little walking trail that followed the river and a rail line. An unused rail bridge created some interesting shadows.

Made In The Shade - Art Deco

A little further along, the sun found a hole through the riverside tree cover to spotlight a small window into the river against a reflection of the old mill on the opposite bank.

Underwater Windows

Through the Lighthouse Window

I recently took a drive up the Bruce Peninsula. At the end of a very long one-lane gravel road is a beautiful old lighthouse. Decommissioned many years ago it is now preserved as a museum. It was built as a house for the light-keeper, with the light tower added to the top of the little white house. Not having a boat, I was having difficulty getting a good photo of the building. So I decided to present it a different way – as a series of photos of the windows, looking through from the inside.

Shadows in the Breeze
Framed Pine
Rope Rail
The Payoff

Toy Store

Do you ever say to yourself “I must come back here sometime when I have more time…” when you see something interesting? For me this usually means a missed opportunity that never comes again – the weather is not the same, the building is demolished, etc. But this time was different. I was traveling last week and found myself near one of these “I must come back” places. I stopped in. As it happened, the property owner was in and we started talking… which led to a very gracious offer of a tour of the place. With my camera in tow for much of it. Initially I stopped by because of the beauty of the buildings and the setting, but I will show those another time. This post is about the inside – what I think of as a Toy Store for boys.

Suicide Shift
In The Door Of the Toy Store