Heritage Caledon Show

Heritage Caledon is sponsoring a show of heritage-themed art at the Alton Mill.

I will be showing three photos in this exhibit. I have recently been experimenting with printing on unorthodox materials. The “Stages Of Life” photo has been printed on a hand-coated sheet of hot-press watercolour paper. The warm colour of the paper and it’s texture changed the photo rather remarkably from what you see here. If you have a chance, drop by the mill to see this and my large-scale prints of “Winds of Change” and “Windows On The Water”.

Stages Of Life
Winds Of Change
Windows On The Water

Nigel Dickson

A couple of weeks ago, I participated in a portraiture workshop at Elevator Digital given by famed Canadian portrait photographer Nigel Dickson. With three days and only four students, I had the opportunity to learn a lot! The first day was spent on the basics of lighting and learning to use Nigel’s Hasselblad (we used his equipment for most of the workshop). We took turns on both sides of the camera. Here is one taken of me by Nigel, followed by one I took of Nigel as he processed this photo in PhotoShop.

Yours Truly
Under construction

A new series of photos

I have been so busy recently that I have neglected this blog. One of the things I have been spending time on is a new series of photos I will be putting in front of the jury for the Headwaters Arts Festival Show in the fall. In an earlier post (Clowning Around) I showed an early version of the first photo in the series. The series is about those moments we all have through our lives where something happens, something is said, or you look around – and say to yourself “I don’t belong here.”

I Don't Belong: The Birthday Party
I Don't Belong: The Club Scene
I Don't Belong: The Pageant
I Don't Belong: The Pool Game