A Well-Oiled Machine

I eventually forced myself to leave behind the steel ghosts in the warehouse beside the Hamilton Museum of Steam & Technology and moved on to the museum itself. For those of you who are not familiar with this place, it is a huge steam-powered water pump that used to provide Hamilton with it’s drinking water. It is engineering from an era when machines were allowed to be beautiful.

Cylinder Head
Piston Rods
Steam-Punk Goggles

Steel ghosts

I recently visited the Hamilton Museum of Steam & Technology to take some photos after sunset to show how the machinery would glow under the last vestiges of daylight combined with the old incandescent lighting of the museum. Before I went into the actual museum, I had a chance to take a look inside an attached warehouse and found a graveyard of old machinery. This post is about what I found in the warehouse.

Waiting Talon.

Distant Rumble