Portrait courtesy of Stephanie Palmer
Portrait courtesy of Stephanie Palmer

About The Artist

Craig Bell lives in the beautiful hills of Caledon, North of Toronto, Ontario. While much of his photography reflects the nearby countryside, grittier urban content also appears.

“My photos reflect the emotions I feel as I stand behind the lens: untold stories of places long ago abandoned, of small details that now pass unnoticed and of the tensions between shadow and light.” – Craig Bell

Craig’s personal fascination with line and texture leads him to convert many of his images to Black & White so that he can emphasize these elements in his work. This has evolved into his “signature” high-density, brooding, Black & White look. More recently, he has begun to use colour—most often in monochrome palettes–to increase the emotional impact of his photos and to further contrast the textural quality of his Black & Whites.

Craig became serious about his photography with the advent of affordable Digital SLR cameras. “My photography style means that I am often shooting at the camera’s extreme ranges of low light capability, so the instant feedback is critical to capturing what I see and feel in the field. Even more, I like the artistic control I have in the digital darkroom for post-processing.”