Out of Context

Back a month or so ago, I was shooting in the town of Fergus Ontario. Some of my shots from that day have already been posted here.  What I did not post was shots I took of three big steel sliding doors that I spotted in an alley.

The raw file capture

I thought the doors had real potential, but I couldn’t figure out how to deal with the rather ugly background.  I also wanted to put the three doors together in a single panorama.  It was while stitching them together that I had a moment of inspiration – why not remove the background entirely?  I tried it, and liked the result.

Hung Out To Dry

Using a plain black background seems to make the door colours more vibrant.  It also makes it harder to figure out just what they are, once the context of the background has been removed.  Printed big (20 in by 60 in) on canvas, it is stunning.  I think I will make “Out of Context” the theme for a new series of photos treated in this way.

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