Are photos a reflection of our feelings?

A friend pointed out one day how my photos seemed to cycle from dark and dreary to bright and cheery in sync with my moods. I hadn’t really thought about it too much until then, but I suppose it makes sense that my emotions and feelings would find their way into my art. I looked back over several months worth of photos and there really does seem to be a correlation with mood. For instance, I had been having a good time when I took the shot of the kayaks on the Toronto waterfront. The splash of bright colour was the focus of my photo.

Kayaks and Ice

And on this day, I had been prowling around some abandoned houses in the countryside. It had been a good day with many promising photos taken. Hence a photo with a bit of whimsy seemed appropriate. The title occurred to me before I took the shot.


On the flip side, I was out snowshoeing in the woods last week. It was cold and a strong wind had been blowing all day. It had snowed almost every day for the past two weeks. When the sun DID come out, it felt distant and weak. When I saw the snow blowing across the stubble of a cornfield when driving home, I had to stop and capture it. It had to be B&W. It had to be dark. Do you think I’ve had enough winter already???

Distant Sun

Is it just me? I suspect not. Do you see your emotions of the moment in your work too?

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