Trying something new.

I have been doing a lot of experimenting with Photoshop over the past few months. Initially the results were pretty rough, but I have been improving. I showed some of my earlier experiments in the Bodie post and in the Burning the Old Year post. Three of the images in today’s post were processed in a very similar way, although the results appear very different. All were solarized in B&W, had a copy of the original layer overlaid in color blend mode, then had parts of a third copy of the original layer in normal blend mode painted in. The fourth image, Field Call, was converted to B&W to allow me to exaggerate the drama in the sky, then I overlaid a copy of the original in color blend mode and finished by painting in a bit of another copy of the original layer (in soft light blend mode) over the most distant phone booth.

Spring Runoff
Atmospheric Distortion
Field Call

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