The Monuments of Arizona

Another post of images from my recent trip to the US Southwest…

Reluctantly I removed my frozen self from Bodie and headed for the lower altitudes of Monument Valley. The scenery was spectacular. The challenge here for a photographer is to get an image that has not been done a thousand times before. I was particularly taken with Agathla Peak… thought it looked best as a severe B&W… and ended up with something that is really nice (IMHO), but it looks a lot like what Mitch Dobrowner did. **sigh**

Agathla Peak

Fortunately for me (and my photographer’s ego), there was a full moon that night and I got a nice shot of the moon rising in the sky behind Chaistla Butte. I haven’t seen this photo anywhere else before, so I’m claiming this little bit of photographic territory for myself.

Chaistla Butte

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