Cerro Gordo

Perched high on a mountain overlooking the Owens Valley in California is the old silver mining town of Cerro Gordo. It is pretty much a ghost town now, the only resident is the owner of the town, Mike, and his dogs. If you ever find your way to Cerro Gordo, be sure to check in with Mike first… after all, he does own the place. Besides, he is a wonderful host… willing to share the history of the mine and the town… and photographer-friendly. Some of the buildings have been maintained by Mike. Walking into these buildings is like stepping onto a 1890’s movie set. The hotel is one of these well-maintained buildings. The photo “Aces High” was of the card room in the hotel.

Aces High

Other buildings are being left to the will of the elements. The photo “Hot Stove, Mountain View” is a reflection in the window of one of these buildings.

Hot Stove, Mountain View

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  1. Love all of this stuff Craig! “Aces High” is my favorite. Love the fixture above the table and the natural light falling into the room. Just the right amount of color in this image!

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