No really, it was funny for a while…

Dear Mother Nature,

I like a good joke as much as the next person and I have to admit that for a while I thought it was pretty funny when you added snowflakes to yesterday’s rainstorm. It stopped being funny about three inches ago. ENOUGH ALREADY!

Your usually good-natured fan,


One thought on “No really, it was funny for a while…”

  1. This brings back memories of the time I jumped in a pool to resuce my daughter’s puppy.(a Lab) It was spring time and the cover was still on our above ground pool. The dog walked off the deck onto the cover. I ended up having to go down to ground level to try and pull the pool cover to the edge. He got excited and ended up going underneath it. What a funny site for the neighbours seeing me in a jean skirt and my legs above the water with slippers on as I leaned over trying to grab the dog, but ended up falling in. Worst part was when I got the dog I had a hard time getting him out. I didn’t want him to climb over the edge and rip the liner trying to jump out (and fall 4′). I had to go to the opposite side of the pool where he walked over to lift him back out. (Little difficult since the cover was still in pool) Since it was early spring the steps for the pool weren’t installed either and we couldn’t just walk out.

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