There is a new show at the Crimson Feather Gallery

I normally post about the new shows on the gallery website and those of you who follow this site or have “liked” the gallery facebook page know a bit about this new show. But this show is SO different and I am SO pleased with how well it came together, I thought I would mention it here too. I was aiming for a “Fall” sort of theme, with my contribution to it being a series on trees. On Tuesday when guest artist Adam Colangelo brought in his work, I started to get excited. It is one thing to look at jpegs on the web, quite another to see the art first-hand. Adam’s work in copper is spellbinding. Each of his pieces is a collage built up of pieces of copper. He evokes a sense of fall colours in his work. The pieces of copper vary in colour from normal shiny copper, through green, blue and black to cherry red. He achieves these colours by heating the metal with a torch. The results are subtle, yet arresting and change as they catch the light. You have to come out and see these before they get sold – they are really something! As Adam was leaving the gallery, my other guest artist Shu-Chen Cheng arrived with her ceramics in a small mountain of rubbermaid storage containers. I find ceramics particularly hard to judge in photos – and these were quite different from what I saw online. But this was good news! Online they looked nice, but in person they are jaw-dropping. Some of the pieces are soft pastels, decorated with horsehair lines (Shu-Chen is one of the few practitioners of this in Canada) but some – my personal favourites – look like they came from the center of the Earth. They are black with molten gold flowing down from the top and with neon flashes of blue, red and green as the light catches in the black areas. You can almost smell the smoke from these. (Well actually you COULD smell the smoke on Tuesday – they were fresh from the kiln.)No photos I could post would do these justice. Come out and see them for yourselves. If you have the time, the Opening Party is this Saturday Sept 24, 1-3pm and the artists should all be there to talk to you. Hope to see you then!


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