Scenic Extremes

I sometimes forget just how amazing the countryside is around here. Then I go out and see it through my viewfinder and it’s like seeing it again for the first time. This happened to me again earlier this week. I started out in the lush greenery of the Silvercreek Valley, following the creek as it stepped down the escarpment.

Arched Portal

A thousand little steps to the bottom.
Gold in the riverbed.

Then I hopped in the truck and went ten minutes down the road… to a different world. Not lush. Not green. Not alive. Yet serene and attractive in it’s own way.

Folded Crust

Once there was life...
A secret revealed.

One thought on “Scenic Extremes”

  1. Hi Craig, I really like ” Once there was life”
    It look’s like there is new life in this old tree.
    The shadow’s & light so prominent ………very nice shot.

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