The Art of Being Hamilton

C’mon, admit it… you were a little surprised to see the words “art” and “Hamilton” in the same sentence, weren’t you?

I think it is a matter of how you look at things. I set aside any preconceived notions about the city and set out to find something artful about it.  On the highway into town, I made a stop under the Skyway bridge.

Industrial Abstract

This struck me as being an abstracted representation of the heavy industry visible just across the bay from here. (The mundane reality is that it is an inverted reflection of the Skyway bridge in the canal.)

With my affinity for all things rusted and eroded, it was a given that I would find some interesting things in the old industrial core.

View from the past

Along the waterfront, there is a collection of tugboats painted in the cheery colours of a child’s toy.

Tug's Turnbuckle

The next photo is a more traditional view of Hamilton… old, industrial and worn… yet I am oddly attracted to this photo.  Perhaps it is the juxtaposition of the seemingly misplaced advertising message in amongst the tanks and pipes of industry?

100% Real

After dark, the lights of industry become a thing of beauty.  On a surprisingly warm Friday evening, I was content to sit on the edge of the escarpment and take in the view spread out below.

Reflections in the Bay
From a Grassy Eyrie
A Tree's View
A Tree's View

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