A twisted mind can be a beautiful thing.

Has this ever happened to you? You’re walking along, taking in the scenery when all of a sudden a picture pops into your head of the same scenery under very different circumstances. Sometimes it will be funny, sometimes black. This happens to me a lot. Last spring I decided to try to use these thoughts as inspiration for pictures. It turned out to be far more difficult than I had imagined, mostly because I do not have the $ millions needed to have a set built to my specification… I had to build it up from bits and pieces of digital images. This was the first one I did. Taking a page from Cindy Sherman’s workbook, I acted as my own model.

No Parking

The model and I got along famously, but the restrictions of hitting the shutter and racing around to strike a pose within the 30 second timer delay wore thin in a hurry. (Not to mention trying to pose in a way that would fit with a background that existed only on my computer!)

In a post I made last summer (Children’s Nightmares Are Made Of This), I revealed my darker vision of the local town fair. While visiting the Orangeville Fall Fair this past September, I saw a shot that I thought would work perfectly for a scene I wanted to create. Fate smiled on me as I pressed the shutter… a child threw himself down on the grass in the background in a tantrum… and became a dead body in my photo. Perfect!¬† Thanks to Kelsey S ( a very patient model) and Judy Z (makeup and model coaching), I was able to add a puppet to the shot, re-creating Pinocchio’s Circus.

I have put these in a new album in my Portfolio called “A View From The Edge”. I will add more to this album over time.

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