Defined Spaces

A few posts ago, I mentioned that I was working on some new ideas. A vine-covered wall in Fergus started me wondering about shape and space. If I removed the building behind the vine, would the vine alone be sufficient to define the space? Would it change how I perceived the space? I thought it might be best to start out with a fairly recognizable shape, so this first one uses a very traditional stone house.

I started with high-res composites of two sides of the house.
The Green House

2 thoughts on “Defined Spaces”

  1. Yeah, I thought “Eugenia” was tough, but this took nearly two weeks. To get the detail I needed for masking, I used a panorama of 30 photos as my base photo (20 for the front of the house, another 10 for the rear wall – all together a 240 megapixel shot), intending it to be able to be printed 24 inch by 30 inch and hold the details. I had hoped that the vines would speak with a voice as strong as the space left by the house… but I don’t think that they did… the empty shape overpowered them. So, I have another one I started today (60 shot panorama – this is getting silly) where the building shape is less recognizable and the vine shape stronger… hopefully leading to a more even conflict between the two voices. Thanks for your comments Braden! Catch you at the gallery sometime?

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