“Crumble & Rust” Show Opening This Saturday

I have a show opening this coming Saturday (Jan 15) from 1-4pm in the Turbine Room at the Alton Mill. The show will be up until Feb 13.  This is the first-ever show put on in this room. The old turbine, boiler and drive machinery provide a marvelous backdrop for our photos of urban and industrial decay. I have invited three friends to join me in this show: local photographer/painter John Ashbourne, and from Toronto, two founders of Gallery DK – Sean Galbraith and Russell Brohier – fresh from their recent shows at the AGO and Pearson Terminal 1. There are some really large images in this show of interesting places you don’t often get to see. If you can get out, come by and check out the show!

A Fire Below

Beacon In The Night

(A milestone of sorts, my first blog post of 2011 is my 100th blog post since I started a short year-and-a-half ago.)

A couple of weeks back, I went down to Port Credit after dark to see if I could find any interesting photos. In this photo, the harbour lighthouse and the moon seem to be competing to be the brightest beacon.

Twin Beacons