An Assortment of Abandonment

I have recently come across numerous abandoned houses.  Some I have sought out, some I have been shown and yet others I just stumble across.  They are all beautiful in their own ways. Here are some of my favourite photos of them.

Losing Face
Summer Kitchen In Red
Summer Kitchen In Red
Lost Roofing
Behind The Green Door
Ontario Bayou
On Onion Fields

It’s In The Sky

Restless on a cold February day, I went for a drive to our local version of “Big Sky Country” in the area of the wind-farms north of Shelburne.  The land is gently rolling in some spots, dead flat in others in a way reminiscent of the western plains.  More often than not, my photos up here end up being about the sky because, well, there’s just so much of it showing.

Power of the Wind
Where Hill and Cloud Meet

Surreal Toronto

I know that there are many who would say that surreal is a normal state of affairs for Toronto.  But down on the waterfront at dawn last week, the juxtaposition of the yellow umbrellas, the beach, the moon and the remnants of a winter snowdrift struck me as being very odd.  The umbrellas in particular fascinated me.  My imagination took over from there, giving flight to the brollies and adding evidence of a sunbather on the frozen beach.

Flight of Fancy

The Old Industry of River Towns

Much of the history of small-town Ontario is related to the rivers. Early industry found the combination of river transport and water-powered machinery key to choosing a location. This drew workers, and later the railroad. Another small Ontario town was born.

More than a hundred years later, many of these towns have grown into cities. Some of the early industrial stone structures are still in use, adapted for other uses. Many sit empty. I recently toured some of these river towns to try to capture fitting portraits of some of these old buildings. I’m sure I will be adding more to this series over time.

Cold Blue Pin
Row Housing Beside The Mill
Place of Many Views
The Power Of Spring
Downhill Cascade to the River

The Snap! 2010 Gallery

(photo by Patrick Lightheart)

The full gallery of images selected for the live auction (donated by art galleries) and for the silent auction (selected by jury) are now posted on the Snap web site. Take a moment to check out some really interesting photography. My photos are Lots 28 and 29 in the Silent Auction. Enjoy!

Selected by the jury to participate in Snap!2010

I am excited (and more than a little pleased) to have two of my photos selected by the jury to be in the Snap!2010 Show at the National Ballet School in Toronto on Sunday March 21. This is the third straight year that I had had the honour of being part of this fund-raising event. Those of you who regularly follow my posts here will recognize the two chosen works… in fact you watched them evolve from rough first pass to the final product. Here are the two that will be in the show:

Standing Around
The Weight Of Winter