Don’t Shoot The Messenger!

I hate the fall… and I love it. It is the messenger saying “winter is coming!”… no more shorts, no more evenings on the porch, no more convertible drives, no more gentle rustling of the leaves on the trees in a breeze. It foretells the coming of frozen ground, frozen fingers and a bare, windswept landscape. But the messenger is dressed in a blaze of warm colours that is soooo hard to resist. I love the colours of the messenger. Just hate the message.
All this is by way of an intro to some photos I took this week in a visit to a local hidden gem of a waterfall. I went to get shots of a waterfall, but ended up being seduced by the colours I found.

Falling Reflection
Red Rainbow
Puddled Colours
Lower Falls From Beneath The Tree
An Unspoiled Place
Many Veils

That Rainy-Day Feeling

Those of you who have followed my blog for a while know how intimately my mood is connected to my photography. I don’t understand how it changes things. Do I compose differently? Do I use light differently? Do I choose different subjects? I really don’t know. It is not the result of any conscious decisions on my part to seek one “look” or another. It just happens. Looking at the photos I am posting today I noticed again how strong this correlation is.

This set of photos is from a house I visited this week.

"E"... E is for Elephant.
Waiting Room Window
Corner Stove
Fall View
Lean Into The Sun
Blind and Blades
Overhead Reflections