Extreme Masking

There is a photo I took of a tree at Eugenia Falls that I really liked, but I couldn’t figure out how to process it to make it look as good as I thought it could. The problem was that the tree roots that cascade over the edge of the cliff were almost the same colour as the underlying rock.


I have been on this tear recently where I have removed the background from a number of photos to improve the composition. Usually it was in instances where the background overpowered the subject because it was busier, louder or more colourful. This time I wanted to remove it because it was so similar. Easy decision to make, but the execution was painful. How painful? Would you believe two full days of making the mask? When the tones are so similar, I discovered none of the usual helpful masking tools would work. This one was done by hand at high magnification. But I think the result was worth it:


Taken Out Of Context… again

I have continued with my experiments with context. I have found a couple more images that seem to just “come alive” when the messy, complex background is removed from the image.  I think I have enough now to consider starting a new album in my gallery for these type of images… Taken Out Of Context (the gallery) will appear soon. I have been looking for a new body of work to show at the SGI Art Show – this may be it.

Night Ride
Wheels Go Round and Round