Lost In The Trees

Feeling a little house-bound recently, I went out for a drive after dinner. Cruising some backroads that I have not been on before, I saw a glimmer of light in the trees beside the road. A closer look… it’s an old travel-trailer that has been abandoned to the elements. It had sort of an early sixties Jetson’s space age chic to it. Very much out of place in the Canadian woods, this trailer would have been at home on a thruway, towed by a big Detroit convertible, on it’s way to a national park.

Lost In Canada

The setting sun and shadows from the trees provided dramatic lighting inside the trailer.

No Lights Allowed

A refrigerator and old bed springs provide some found art.

Cold Trail
Blue Spring

Stone Skeleton

Another storm system is approaching southern Ontario on a late winter day. *sigh* I was trolling some back-roads trying to find the ruins of an old abandoned house I had heard about. I missed it the first time by, but caught sight of it on the second pass. The stonework and the way it had weathered reminded me of  a scene from post WWII Europe.  This shot looking through a window to a door to another window reminds me of a Led Zeppelin album cover.


The storm clouds were building as the front neared. They provided a very moody backdrop to this long shot of the ruin.

Eye Of The Storm

Elora in the rain.

Hmmm. Raining again… must be time to go out and do some shooting! I went to Elora and walked along the river bank. The view of the back of the main street buildings is interesting. Seemed very old and very European to my eye. I processed it in B&W adding heavy grain and a vignette to add to the sense of age.

Behind main street.

A bit further along the river comes a nice view of the Elora Mill. It was starting to rain harder, adding a bit of texture to the water and making the distant trees start to disappear in the mist.

Elora Mill in the rain.

Behind me on the river bank was a storm drain with an interesting formation of ice around it.

Embraced by icy hands.

There are the remains of an old industrial building on this side of the river. About all that is left of it are four walls (held up by braces) and a brick chimney.

Lonely in brick.

And one final shot… there was a puddle of water in a hole in the foundation that reflected the stack nicely.

Smoke on the water.

A River Town’s Industrial Past

It was a rainy spring day here in Southern Ontario… a perfect day to get out and take some photos. I spent the day in Fergus, walking the alleys and the river front to check out all the old stone buildings from the town’s river-driven industrial heyday of 100 years ago.

Green Doors
Mill and waterfall
A closer view of the mill

Old Hardware

I recently visited an abandoned house that was far enough out-of-the-way that it had avoided being vandalized. There were beautiful ceramic knobs on most of the doors, their shiny clean finish a stark contrast to the rusted hardware they were attached to.


In one room there was a weathered plaster wall that was empty except for a single switch plate in the center. Originally, I intended to show it pretty much as-is, but the idea of adding a little whimsy to animate this stark scene came to me before I was done and resulted in this:

Stray Current