Little Door Blue

This is a photo I took last summer of a curious little building that had been built onto the back of a much larger building on the Stelco property in Hamilton. I liked the contrast of the faded blue of the door against the worn red brick of the building.

Little Door Blue (original version)

I recently revisited this photo to see if I could improve on it with a more severe processing. I like the result. What do you think?

Little Door Blue (revised)

A romp in the snow.

I was getting a litle crazy this week. Snow… then cold… then more snow… and back to cold. I decided to make the best of it by taking a hike in the local countryside to see what beauty I could find. On a hike to Cataract Falls (near the Forks of the Credit here in Ontario) I came across an old silo and barn foundation. Couldn’t see much of the foundation because of the deep snow, but the silo stood tall.

Three Windows

A couple of days later (on a recommendation from a friend) I visited the Badlands near Inglewood. I have photographed these many times in the spring, summer and fall… but it had never occurred to me to take a look at them in the winter. A heavy layer of snow transformed the rough and rugged Badlands into a sea of sinuous curves. It was early morning when I was there, so the low angle of the sun provided wonderful shadows to complement the snowy curves. A very quick hour later, I was 100 photographs richer. Here is a small sampling:

The tree above
River of Blue
Waterfall of Light

Trying something new.

I have been doing a lot of experimenting with Photoshop over the past few months. Initially the results were pretty rough, but I have been improving. I showed some of my earlier experiments in the Bodie post and in the Burning the Old Year post. Three of the images in today’s post were processed in a very similar way, although the results appear very different. All were solarized in B&W, had a copy of the original layer overlaid in color blend mode, then had parts of a third copy of the original layer in normal blend mode painted in. The fourth image, Field Call, was converted to B&W to allow me to exaggerate the drama in the sky, then I overlaid a copy of the original in color blend mode and finished by painting in a bit of another copy of the original layer (in soft light blend mode) over the most distant phone booth.

Spring Runoff
Atmospheric Distortion
Field Call

The Monuments of Arizona

Another post of images from my recent trip to the US Southwest…

Reluctantly I removed my frozen self from Bodie and headed for the lower altitudes of Monument Valley. The scenery was spectacular. The challenge here for a photographer is to get an image that has not been done a thousand times before. I was particularly taken with Agathla Peak… thought it looked best as a severe B&W… and ended up with something that is really nice (IMHO), but it looks a lot like what Mitch Dobrowner did. **sigh**

Agathla Peak

Fortunately for me (and my photographer’s ego), there was a full moon that night and I got a nice shot of the moon rising in the sky behind Chaistla Butte. I haven’t seen this photo anywhere else before, so I’m claiming this little bit of photographic territory for myself.

Chaistla Butte

Somewhere North Of Bancroft

I travel from Toronto to Ottawa about once a month. For years I did this trip on the same, boring route on a fast divided highway. A couple of years ago I realized that the speed of this trip was not as important as enjoying the trip. I committed to trying to travel a different route each time and stop for some photos along the way. This has led to somewhat longer but thoroughly enjoyable drives. On my most recent trip I came across this line-up of old company trucks along the side of the road. They all seemed to have faces and personalities.

Grumpy Old Men

Bodie In The Snow, Part 2

Here is the final installment of my Bodie photos. I’ll start with another view of the Blue Kitchen that I call “Preserves”. I liked the way the light interacted with the mason jars on the table.


Venturing further up the hill, I found this bedroom that was filling with snow…

Cold Comfort

Could Green Street possibly look any more forlorn and desolate than this…

Green Street

While I’m on the theme of forlorn… here is a very sad child’s toy…

Lost Rider

I returned from Bodie to my hotel in Lee Vining in the late part of the afternoon, then went out to brave the cold again for a few sunset shots over Mono Lake.

Sunset Squall
To Touch The Moon
Beware The Moon