2013 Headwaters Arts Show and Sale

The nights are now getting cool enough that I see frost on the lawn occasionally in the mornings now. This means it is coming time for the annual Headwaters Arts Festival and their grand Show and Sale (Sept 20 -29) . The show Jurors selected some of my new work to be in this year’s show. This new work is a mash-up of acrylic paint, photography and gel transfer on rough aluminum sheet. As always, most of the subject matter is about man-made objects in advanced stages of decay. All get a chance to tell their stories in my images.

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New Nostalgia

I captured this scene just a couple of months ago, but it felt as though it should have been from the 50’s. I made the image look a bit older, then produced it as a transfer to linen at 24″x36″ to give it a bit of a “fresco” feel. It will be in my new show at Crimson Feather Gallery opening next week.

It was a dark and cloudy day in Alton

I just completed a series on the historic homes in Alton, done in my usual dark style and printed using the emulsion transfer process that I recently figured out. Looking over the completed prints, I noticed that the clouds were really the scene-stealers in these photos.

Millcroft Inn & Spa

Something New

I have been experimenting with new ways to “print” my work for more than a year now. The learning curve was long and pretty steep (or I am a very slow learner), but I am finally producing work that I can show in public.

The process is a type of transfer – I print the image on a carrier sheet, wet it with alcohol gel, then apply the image to another surface. The resulting image is a very delicate layer that “floats” for a while on the gel, allowing me to move it and distort it before it dries. This is fun!

“What Makes A Good Photo?” by Huntington Witherill

John Paul Caponigro’s blog posted an interview with photographer Huntington Witherill. I thought his answers to questions about what he thought made a good image were some of the best I have seen. If you don’t want to follow the link to JPC’s blog, here are the three questions and their answers:


How do you know when an image doesn’t work?

It will fail to communicate anything beyond the fact that it is a photographic record.

How do you know when an image is good?
I know an image is good when it exhibits the following three (3) attributes:

#1- An interesting and effective use of light has been captured.

#2-  A visually stimulating and well-balanced composition has been employed.

#3- The technique and craftsmanship used to render the photograph itself demonstrates sufficient proficiency  so as not to disrupt or distract from either #1 or #2.

How do you know when an image is great?
I know an image is great if I am brought to tears.